Mental Health Panel Recap

On September 19, the Asian and Pacific Islander Alumni Society in conjunction with the Pan-Asian Mental Wellness Association (PMWA) hosted a mental health panel at the Ohio Union, open to students and alumni. We were joined by Dr. Kayi Hui-Spears, staff psychologist at the Student Life Counseling and Consultation Service at The Ohio State University, Nancy Truong, visiting fifth-year psychology graduate student, and Dr. Cora Munoz, alumni and President of the Ohio Asian American Health Coalition.

Throughout the evening mental health topics were openly discussed as our professionals provided insight through their personal experiences.  How to recognize family members and friends who were suffering from mental illness was discussed along with resources that could be offered through Ohio State as well as the in the Columbus community.  Our professionals stated that if you think someone is in a difficult situation, to speak up and offer support of any kind.  It is important to also take care of your own mental health – take a walk, light a candle, meditate, etc. – do something to support your mental well-being.

Students and alumni completed the evening networking with one another. We hope that in the future we will be able to provide more opportunities for alumni and students to come together.